I’m going to try to bring together Fusion, Power Hour and Lighthouse to Breezy.

It feels kind of simple.

I participated in the Fusion Adventure Race last year. There were six official courses to the one event overall. Personally, I did nine course runs.
Teleios Power Hour. If you can struggle through Fusion, you can struggle through an episode of Power Hour in front of 60 people.Lighthouse to Breezy.
I never did it before. I don't know many who have - it isn't that hard a run. However, it was delightful. No pun intended.

3 streams of thought

There was a lot to take from doing Fusion last year, one thing being that it taught me how to like this kind of a run - how to even be aware of it. I mean, you’d never look at the City of Port of Spain the same, if you do a run that starts at the top of Chancellor, down Terracita, up Mt. Hololo and back to Chancellor by way of the bush.


What I think about “Port of Spain” is expanded greatly. From being a hustle and bustle of Abercrombie, Chacon and St. Vincent Streets, to seeing it as a small encampment of humanity surrounded by nature. And having done these runs I know now.

So, I’m turning forty in a few days. And being able to do this kind of run at this age is not something I take for granted. I’m very grateful for the process that has led me here.

As it turns out, when you turn forty, you better begin shining a light if you weren’t before, on yourself. On your mental health, on your physical health. I mean, all the men in my circle are fully aware of that particular exam that begins at forty - you know the one. So, shine a light, right!

Power Hour on Friday was the best episode of Teleios Power Hour I’ve ever done. But I had a horrible time while doing it. My demo failed spectacularly. But, it didn’t just fail with my Teleios family, who are accustomed to seeing me and my many foibles. I invited more than 100 students from the University of the West Indies to join us. With 60 staying to the end of the official presentation. And another set stayed on even longer, while I floundered live and eventually got to what I felt was, a respectable demo.

“Respectable demo”

The demo I was doing involved working with a platform I had recently learnt about, the Microsoft Platform for Situated Intelligence (\psi). I was excited to realize an idea I had been struggling with for a year, so I hadn’t manage to test my approach with more than a few people. The thing eventually worked, but not without a bit of hackery. Because of what Power Hour is - a time when engineers can come and share stories of struggling to learn a brand new thing in a safe space - it made this particular demo a realistic example of what we mean.

And of course, leaving the best for last, Lighthouse to Breezy. I’ve been building up towards this. I did Lighthouse to the Savannah. Then Lighthouse to Chancellor. And I thought, what a nice way to cap off this attempt - a few days before my birthday. To conclude this kind of a run at its logical end, which is the national flag atop Breezy Hill.


Coming back to Power Hour a bit with a technical note. I focused on \psi there and it’s funny because one of the things it attempts to do, is help developers fuse knowledge from disparate locations. This blog post is like me doing it with a snapshot of my own life!



LOL, finally getting to the credits.