I mentioned PSI before. And I’m pretty sure I will again. Microsoft’s Platform for Situated Intelligence has a lot of potential. I was reminded about it today with this tweet:


I’m sure people doing HoloLens2 development will be excited by this news. I am as well, but not just for the H2. I think the work on PSI will continue to enable fresh and innovative implementations with Microsoft Teams calls and meetings.

From the PSI lab, they released a great demo that I’ve spent some time playing with.

PSI Demo featuring an icon that moves from speaker to speaker.

With PSI, you can access all the streams of a call, and then modify those streams before sending data back down through a call. I took a while to get started last time I build a POC, but with more use cases and data, I should get even better at it.

Once I do, I’ll be pushing to show examples of applying deep intelligence during Teams calls. This should be fun!