The Foresight DRM hackathon gathered 40 talented participants from around the world, who put their GIS, data science, software, and business development skills to work in creating innovative solutions to mitigate the impact of natural disasters in the Caribbean.

Here’s a snapshot of the five remarkable projects:

  1. Project Ignite features an interactive dashboard that tracks and learns from bushfires using historical, present, and futuristic data. By incorporating machine learning and data visualization technologies, the dashboard continually adapts and improves, making it a valuable resource for tracking and learning from bushfires across the Caribbean.

  2. EmergencyRoute utilizes cutting-edge geospatial technologies like Geoserver and LeafletJS to improve emergency response during disasters like hurricanes. This web application tracks hurricane movement, provides optimized routing options for emergency responders, and offers post-disaster simulations to better prepare for future events.

  3. SoilSafe is a web-based solution that maps and plans soil conservation efforts in the Bahamas based on dominant soil types, rainfall, and tropical cyclone events. The project aims to help develop strategies to reduce the impact of natural disasters in the region, with a possible real-time collaboration feature for faster decision-making during disaster events.

  4. Prudence is a disaster readiness web app designed to aid the island of Nassau in the Bahamas during hurricane events. The app focuses on addressing human and social impacts by providing crucial information and facilitating communication between emergency responders and citizens in need, ultimately helping to save lives and mitigate the impacts of hurricanes.

  5. GIS Event Tracker & Dashboard is a platform that offers real-time updates on events and incidents, enabling users to prepare for and respond to disasters more effectively. This dashboard provides up-to-the-minute information on the ongoing impact of natural disasters, helping communities stay informed and react accordingly.

Hackathon Judges: Beth Jackson, Irwin Williams, Ropo Ogundipe

The judging criteria for the hackathon centered around creativity, potential impact, implementation, and data integration, ensuring that the projects not only offered innovative solutions but also had a strong foundation for real-world application and scalability.

In conclusion, the Foresight DRM hackathon showcased a variety of groundbreaking projects with the potential to significantly reduce the impact of natural disasters in the Caribbean. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies and data, these projects aim to improve emergency response, facilitate communication, and aid in disaster preparedness and recovery. The successful implementation of these solutions could lead to more resilient and informed communities, ultimately saving lives and mitigating the long-term effects of natural disasters in the region.