We built a submission for a recent Microsoft Teams Hackathon, called Panda Care.


PandaCare - Using Teams for Day Care Needs.

For quite a few of my Teams hacks over the years, I’ve made the platform do some zany things, including report on the weather, be a DJ, and even be an after-show credits producer. I’ve also made it do more office-type things, like let me know which of my coworkers weren’t going to be in office.

This hackathon, I felt it would be cool to do none of those things. Thus, we built a solution that would let a daycare register parents, and provide daily updates about kids in attendance for their family.

As we hacked, we kept adding things we thought useful, so in the end, we included a way to view a weekly report on all the children in the daycare, as well as a way to use natural language queries to ask about the data that had been collected (using ChatGPT).

We were very proud of the solution. And we didn’t win.

We laughed at how seriously we took ourselves and then moved on. Maybe this wasn’t the one, but it certainly was fun to build together. I have a feeling that as with some of my previous work, this may have been a bit more future than the judges were expecting and from my own experience, I know how hard it can be to properly categorize something that no one has done before.