On March 3rd, 2010, at 3:00 am, I put on my running shoes to head off on a run to my office. My aunt heard the shuffle and said, “Aye, where you going on the road this hour?!”. So, at 4:00 am, I headed off. 5 and a half hours later, I was in front of Teleios. Sweating, exhausted and celebrating, not me alone, but all of Teleios was outside, cheering loudly on Alexandra Street. Many of my friends were on Google Buzz (RIP) posting messages and adding to the noise.

I had a simple life-goal. Complete a marathon before I turned 28. My Teleios peeps didn’t need any great rallying to support like that, that’s just who we were.

That story comes to mind as my time at Teleios comes to a close.

After 18 years, growing from a developer, to a developer advocate to a manager to chief software engineer, I’m headed off to start a new journey somewhere else. As I told colleagues one-by-one, everyone’s response was very similar: “…steups, long steups but I understand and I’m very happy for you. Go and do well!”

I’m hoping that the seeds I’ve gotten from there are magical. And that they can grow in any environment. From the conviction that we can write software to run the world from an island with less than two million people, to the fact that you can build a solid company where you put purpose over profit and while doing so use a Hololens to monitor the state of coconut trees.

Thank you Teleios, for 18 years of growth and development. I hope the only fires I start are in people to be the best they can be and that if I have cause to run a marathon again, I can count on your voices cheering me on to make dreams into reality.