Briefly addressing participants in the DHub Challenge.

Yep, this feels familiar.

My HackTT judge’s tee still looks fresh.

I could not anticipate even when we were supporting HackTT in 2019, that coming out of the pandemic, 4 short years later, I’d have the opportunity to again work with teams that will have just 12 weeks to create proofs of their concepts.

But then again, we did spend 10 years building teams in Teleios Code Jam.

At the last TCJ, in 2018, CARDI came on board as a diamond sponsor, enabling us to give the top award to three teams, who demonstrated solutions relevant to the coconut industry.

So, what’s different with DHub? Growth. Scale. Impact.

It feels like it’s building on those ideas and approaches over the years. From team engagement, to stakeholder support to a decent runway afterwards to see solutions run in the wild.

The presentation above represented a kickoff into a critical leg of DHub, teams will receive the first part of their award and then push to create their working PoCs in three months. My colleagues and I at iGovTT will coach, support and maybe cajole small teams of two or three developers and hopefully see them deliver delightful, relevant applications to their respective challenge owners.

When successfully delivered, they’ll receive another award, and then have the chance to deliver a full solution to the ministry, department or agency they’ve selected.

There’s a lot more to learn about DHub, so check it out here.